SwishMount LED Ring Light Setup Guide

Here are steps to put on the Phone Bracket:

Step 1. Locate the phone mount piece, as this will be put onto the SwishMount.

Step 2. Unscrew the "donut" piece from the phone mount.

Step 3. Place the "donut" piece through the metal ball.

Step 4. Press the phone mount through the metal ball. Make sure to push all the way in.

Step 5. This is how the mount should look after pushing it in all the way.

Step 6. Bring back the "donut" and screw it to the mount. This will enable you to move your phone around in any direction you desire. 

After this, you may attach the whole mount to any tabletop and place your phone onto the phone mount bracket (Please note that this phone bracket does expand to fit all phones, simply stretch it apart with 2 hands and insert the phone).  

For the USB Power Cable please use any Power Cube such as the one from your phone, or simply connect the USB to your laptop if you would like to take it on the go.

How to use the remote: 

You will notice a blue light emitting from the remote when you plug in the SwishMount to any USB outlet, this means that you have power to light up the Ring Light.

The Red Power button allows you to power on the Light, as well as turn it off.

The Plus (+) and the (-) buttons on the remote allow you to adjust the brightness to your liking.

The Arrows in a circular motion allow you to change the color of the light from White to Neutral to Warm. The most natural (sunlight) color would be the Neutral color.